Our History

The Quarry Hill Golf Club was founded in 1921 by Sir John and Lady Catherine Quick. Although the original course was of very different design the club continues to offer golfing options for the citizens of Bendigo.

Sir John was Bendigo’s first federal member of parliament and was one of the founding fathers of federation of Australia. The club continues to remember where it has come from with the Clubrooms named after Sir John.



The Club reached its height of popularity in the 1970’s and 80’s with many a young golfer playing the hills. Some of Bendigo’s finest golfers started their careers at Quarry Hill before moving onto other courses. Len Prior was one such member, Len is a member of the Bendigo sports hall of fame for his service to Golf.

Throughout the 1990’s golfers preferred to play on Grass greens and the clubs membership started to shrink. Quarry Hill believed that it was “the working man’s club” with affordable memberships and reasonable competition fees. The club continues its mission to provide affordable golfing options to all the people of Bendigo.

In 2017 and beyond the club remembers where it has come from as it plans for the future, plans are being developed to reinvent the club and to provide Bendigo with a new golfing destination.

2021 marks the 100th birthday of the club and this new development will hopefully see the club continue to grow and be around for another 100 years.