The Quarry Hill Golf Club is run by a volunteer Committee of Management.

After the last AGM held in November of 2020/21 the Committee is as follows:

President- Daniel Nancarrow

Vice President- Chris Pearce

Treasurer- Sandra Davey

Secretary- Barb Schmidt

Club Captain- Stewart Davey

Ordinary Members:

Peter Stein, Rob Lewien, Bill Govett, Zane Quill & Ron Jones

Level 1 Rules Official: Daniel Nancarrow

Social Club Members:

Bev Robinson, Sheryl Lewien, Barb Bannerman & Chris Pearce.

Ground Staff:

Bill Govett, Norm McInnes, Ron Climas & Peter Stein, Leigh (Bluey) Pearce, Rob Lewien, David Clue, Col Adams

Disc Golf Contact: Barbara Schmidt